10 Places You Can Take Your Baby Fire Pit

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Hey All!

It's been a gloomy sort of week here in Colorado Springs with lots of rain and colder temps.  So, in celebration of having made it past Monday, we're going to keep it light today with 10 ideas of where you could--if you wanted--take your adorable, personal-sized, ultra-travel-ready, lightweight, mess-free Baby Fire Pit.  

Caveat: we may or may not have taken it these places.  These are merely suggestions and we'd love to hear more from you!  And also--please use discretion.  If the rules say, "no fires," probably best to leave your Baby or Micro at home.

1.) Camping!  Whether you're a glamper or a camper (I classify this as whether you can go more than 2 days without showering and still feel like a human), why wouldn't you take your Baby Fire Pit??

2.) To the Beach!  Coming from a landlocked state, the beach has always had an alluring quality for Kyle and me.  Combine the sound of the ocean at night with a little flame, and you've got pure magic.

3.) To Grandma's!  (Or, if you're Grandma, to the Grandkid's!). Because it's jut a little fire, no one needs to get too stressed out about the number of small children running around.  As a mom of 3 small children, I'm at the stage in life where I feel infinitely more peaceful about a tiny table-top fire pit than an open fire...

4.) On a boat! We're talking oceans, lakes, rivers, or even ponds here.  If you've got a boat, first off, we're jealous.  Secondly, we think you should add a little ambiance with a tiny fire pit.  

5.) Bathing!  Not in the bath, but next to the bath might be nice.  Our Baby Fire Pits have been compared to candles enough times (by those who mean it kindly, and by those who do not), so we say, why not treat them like you would a candle?  Bathe like royalty in front of your own personal fire with a handful of epsom salts and a glass of wine...hmm???  

6.) To the Back Porch! Or your apartment balcony, or the front porch, or the basement walkout.  You get the picture.  Wherever you sit to enjoy your neighborhood, bring it there!

7.) Tailgating!  If you're lighting up your George Foreman, why not also your Baby Fire Pit?

8.) To Parties!  Think Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo, Birthday celebrations, Wedding Receptions, Baby Showers, Graduations!  2021 will be different than 2020, so no reason not to bring some light to those get-togethers we'll no longer take for granted.

9.) To Your Bedroom!  Yup--we went there.  Whether you want to snuggle up and read your favorite book, or snuggle up with that special someone, why ever not bring the fire if you have the option?

10.) To Dinner!  Make even a rainy Tuesday special by lighting up your Baby or your Micro on the dinner table.  Maybe your conversations will last a little longer.  Maybe you'll have a spontaneous family game night.  Maybe you'll just distract the kids long enough to stop the arguing and get them to eat the broccoli without whining.  (Big wins in our house any day!)


And that's where we'll stop today--but honestly, if you've got pictures or a story from where your Baby Fire Pit has gone, please, please let us know!

Wherever you take your Baby Fire Pit, we hope it brings you joy!  Happy Rainy Tuesday,




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