The People Behind the Curtain; Real People Making Things For Real People

Posted by Hayley Gowen on

I think more than ever we're experiencing life disassociated.  

Let me explain.  

You know how when you're in the car and someone cuts you off and you just feel the creature from the deepest depths of the blackest cave--think Grendel, the Orcs, the Basilisk--crawling up out of your soul.  Your anger towards this being in the vehicle is monstrous. 

Now, if the same person who cut you off in traffic were to do something rude like bump into you with a cart, or cut in line, or take up the whole aisle when you were both out of your Honda cocoons, what would your reaction be?

Chances are, if you're like me, the anger wouldn't get going enough to morph into the raging inferno.  Chances are, you'd see this other person and you'd realize what they are: another person.  And they made a mistake.  And somehow life will go on. 

I've found that in life now because of many things (think internet, and social distancing, and masks) that it's getting harder and harder to just see people as people.  There seems to be something in the way, whether it's a screen or a piece of fabric, or just empty space.

I think it takes practice to remember that behind all of it, are people.  Real people. 

Why this rambling today?

Two reasons:

1.) Because here at Baby FirePits, there are quite a few real people working to make the products you order.  Over the years, we've had many people come and go, but know that there is always a small group of us here who really do care about each person who orders a FirePit. 

Here, all triumphs are celebrated--because this business and these products are what rule our waking ours.  They are how we support our families.  And here all failures are felt deeply--because this is what we've poured ourselves into and we feel great responsibility for each product that leaves our shop.

And on that note,

2.) We know that when our FirePits leave our shop they go to quite a few real people all over America (and maybe someday the world!).  We don't know many of each of your struggles, your hopes, and your dreams--but we know you have them.  

And we hope that our little products--such a small thing in the scope of everything--bring people together.  We hope that sitting around these flames, people have the conversations they need to have.  We hope trust is built and relationships strengthened around these tiny fires.  

It's not just a clever marketing scheme to try and play off of your emotions--we truly practice what we preach.  We use our product here in our home.  


And that's the end of that for today.  So, from one real person to another: Thanks for being you!  




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