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Ornaments & Magnets

Our ornaments and magnets are available in two finishes: hand-ground copper and patina. Available in over 200 designs, our ornaments and magnets serve as perfect gifts for any occasion.  

Wall Art, Wall Plaques, & Wall Signs

Our Wall Art is available in most of the same designs as our ornaments and magnets. We carry a small size of 13" height/width and a large of 24" height/width in many designs. All of our Wall Plaques are a standard 9"x5". Our Wall Signs are handwritten by Hayley Gowen and made with 16g hand-ground American cold steel.  

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Key Hooks & Bottle Openers

Combining beauty with functionality, our key hooks and bottle openers are the perfect gifts for those who want something special but practical. Our key hooks and bottle openers are durable, unique, and available in various wildlife and outdoors-themed designs. 

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To purchase ornaments, magnets, wall art, and more, visit www.hkstudios.co/ or click the button below. To contact us, email sales.hkstudios@gmail.com or call 719-888-9540.

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