Shipping, Return & Exchange Policy


Our processing time for fire pit online orders varies by season. In the busier holiday season, wait times may be 7-10 business days. Otherwise, we generally ship within 3-5 business days. We ship all fire pit orders* through UPS Ground, which has a 1-4 business day delivery period.

*Orders to be shipped to P.O. boxes will be shipped through USPS Ground Priority, which can take between 2-9 business days, resulting in a total wait period of around 11-19 business days. 

If you wish to order and are in Alaska, we can ship to you, but please keep in mind that shipping fees are generally $10-$25 higher than our regular shipping rates. Alaskans cannot order via our website, and instead can call Patty at 719-888-9540 to place an order. 

We generally offer free shipping on fire pit orders over $100, but in times of promotions or large discounts, we may charge a flat rate of $9.99. 


The total delivery time period for these products is 7-10 business days. If ordered alone, these products may be delivered faster. 

The pricing for shipping of these products is calculated based on weight, and these products are shipped with USPS Priority Mail when ordered alone, or via UPS Ground when ordered with a fire pit.


Copper River Art by Studio G7 is made-to-order, so processing times are longer. The total processing + delivery times for Copper River orders are between 30-60 calendar days. 

Shipping for Copper River art varies depending on size and weight. Copper River shipping costs are a flat rate of $15 for all pieces with their largest dimension under 16", and pricing for larger pieces ranges from $99-$150.

Promotions offering free or reduced shipping will still retain the same delivery time frames. Copper River art is never eligible for promotional free or reduced shipping costs.

If you wish to receive your order earlier, please call 719-888-9540. We cannot make any promises, but we can check and see if the product you wish to order is something we have in stock, in which case we can ship it out faster. 


We accept exchanges within a 14-day window of when you receive your order. If you wish to exchange an order, you will be responsible for paying the $10 return shipping charge. The only instance in which this shipping charge is waived is when there was an error on our part (i.e., we sent you the wrong design). 

Exchanged items must be in new condition without damage. When exchanging a fire pit, we will request that you keep your gel fuel and ship only the fire pit back to us, and we will ship out your new selection without gel fuel. This is because our eCommerce system does not allow us to process return shipping labels through UPS. If you ship your fire pit with gel fuel in it via USPS, we will never receive the return because it violates TSA guidelines. If we don't receive the return, we may not be able to issue a refund.


We do not replace or refund any orders after more than 14 days from the date of delivery as determined by the tracking information on the package. Exceptions may be made on occasion for lost packages, depending on the circumstances.

If you changed your mind:

To return a product if you changed your mind, you can reach out to us via email or phone and we can send you a return label. We do not process refunds for returned products until we receive the returned package. When we process a refund, you will receive an email with the refund information. The processing time for a refund is generally 3-5 business days. Refunds are issued to the method of payment that you originally used for your order. 

If the product is damaged:

We do not send out damaged products with the exception of rare mistakes, but it is possible for a product to get damaged in shipment. If your product is damaged, please reach out to us via email and provide photos of the damage. We cannot issue a refund or send a replacement without photo evidence of the damage. 

If your product was damaged during shipment, we will replace it free of any charge for you. We will send you a return label and will send your replacement product as soon as we get confirmation that the package has been dropped off at the post office. As with any other return or exchange, we request that you keep your gel fuel if you are returning a fire pit, and we will ship a replacement with no gel fuel. If you ship your fire pit with gel fuel in it via USPS, we will never receive the return because it violates TSA guidelines.

If you would rather have a refund instead of a replacement, let us know, and we can process a refund instead. We do not process refunds until we have received the product to ensure it is not damaged.

We do not issue any more than one replacement for a damaged fire pit. If the replacement we send is also somehow damaged, that is determined to be the fault of the shipping company, and we will direct you to open a case with them directly. The likelihood of us shipping out two damaged products is next to impossible. It is also worth mentioning that fire pits are rarely damaged during shipment. Our fire pits are especially durable and generally withstand poor handling, dropping, and other accidents without incurring any actual damage. 

When we send out a replacement, we keep a photographic record of the condition of the replacement sent out, which we can provide you with should you have a repeated issue with damaged products. 

There are some differences between what is considered damage and what is a regular occurrence with our products.

The following is not considered to be "damage" and therefore may not be replaced for free: 

Slightly dented fuel cans - We do our best to ship fuel cans as carefully and securely as possible, but it is common for fuel cans to become slightly dented in shipment. We do not consider this to be damaged and will not replace this for free, because the slight denting does not affect the aesthetic value nor the functionality of the fuel. If denting is severe enough that the fuel does not fit securely into the fire pit or sits irregularly, it will be replaced. If a fuel can is actually busted or spilled, we will replace that as well. Please send photos to us if your fuel cans are severely dented or busted / spilled.

Copper showing through the blue patina - It is very common for the designs to not patina 100% perfectly, and this is part of what makes our fire pits special; they are all different. Some fire pits may have some copper showing through the patina, and this is completely normal and is not considered damage. We disclose this thoroughly in our listings. If you want to avoid this as much as possible, it is best to order designs that patina well. These include most of the animals in mountains and any design with thick pieces of copper. Designs which are particularly intricate, such as the Palm Trees, Honeycomb, or Kokopelli, may show more copper. If your patina is actually flaking off visibly, this is considered a damaged product which we will replace for free.

Steel showing through the rust - Just like with the patinated copper, our steel does not always rust perfectly either. It is completely normal for some parts of your fire pit to not be rusted and show spots of steel. 

Some bark coming off of wood slices - It is normal for some bark to fall off of wood slices. We package them carefully to avoid this as much as possible, but at the end of the day, these are slices of a tree - they may have some bark come off on occasion. What is not normal is most of the bark coming off; we will replace it if this is the case. 

Slight cracking of wood slices - We are in Colorado, which is extremely dry. We can't guarantee that wood slices will not split at all. However, we will replace wood slices if they are split severely (we consider "severe" to be that the crack goes all the way to the middle of the slice) or broken completely. 

If your package is lost:

On rare occasions, and more frequently during the holiday season, shipping services may lose a package. When packages are lost, we will generally replace them free of charge, circumstantially. 

If tracking information on our end notifies us that your package was successfully delivered, we will ask that you reach out to the UPS customer service line first to inquire about the status of the package. If UPS does not resolve the issue, please let us know what their response was, and we will then address whether we can send a replacement. 

If tracking information says that your package was lost in shipment or returned to sender, we will resend your order free of charge. 

If a package is lost more than once, we will not offer any further replacements. 

If tracking information verifies that your package was lost, you also have the option to request a refund. We will provide a refund of all charges, given that we have not already sent a replacement at your request. 

If you entered your shipping address incorrectly:

Mistakes happen! If your order is not delivered and it is determined that the reason is because you entered your shipping address incorrectly, we are happy to replace it for you. The only thing we request is that you pay the shipping cost, since it was not our error. 

We're small!

We love our customers, and we generally try to be very understanding and provide the best customer service possible. We also always try to give customers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to any order issues. We are a small business, and doing returns and refunds hurts us substantially because shipping is so expensive for us (generally $12-$25 each time). But we want everyone to be 100% happy with their order, which is why we are very lenient with returns and order issues. With this said, we kindly request honesty and respect from you when resolving any issues, as we are always doing our absolute best to provide excellent quality products and communication for you!