Baby Forest
Patinated copper and steel indoor fire pit in forest design
Silver forest design tabletop fire pit
Baby Forest
Baby Forest
Baby Forest
Baby Fire Pits

Baby Forest

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SALE: Select "With Kit" option for $35 in savings!

At 10 inches, this Forest fire pit is perfect for your tabletop, patio, or campsite for the night. The first of its kind, this fire pit is handcrafted in the USA and made with copper and steel. The patina - the bright teal color - of the designs is a result of a rapid oxidization process of the overlaying copper. Each fire pit is one-of-a-kind, as the color of the patina design varies depending upon the humidity levels in the production of each item. Each fire pit includes one can of TerraFlame gel fuel. 

Each can of gel fuel lasts between 5-6 uses or 3 hours, and can be replaced by ordering the refills here. You can extinguish the flame by placing the cap back on the fuel while it's burning. To open the can, use a flathead screwdriver and wedge it under the cap, pushing it downwards to remove.

Our fuel is odorless, smokeless, and nontoxic. It can be used indoors and outdoors, but we urge you to take the same precautions you would with any other open flame - keep it supervised, especially around kids or pets, and keep it a safe distance from other objects. 

The "With Kit" option includes the following:

-Fire Pit

-3 cans of gel fuel

-Thick-cut wood slice with live raw edge

-S'mores kit featuring a full-sized bag of marshmallows, package of graham crackers, and organic bamboo skewers

-One ornament OR bottle opener made of hand-ground steel and/or copper, sealed to prevent rust and ensure durability

-2 Artisan-crafted, water-resistant wood stickers

The "No Kit" option includes only the fire pit. 


10" height

6" diameter

Want it in the Micro (5-inch) instead? Get it here! 

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Customer Reviews

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All our friends love them

Fire pit is awesome

I love the product but it says you are supposed to get rocks and I didn’t get them with it yes I understand they are just rocks and you can just go outside and get them but for a hundred bucks I expected to get the whole product... but despite the fact of that it is an awesome product everyone who sees it loves it!!!

10" Fire Pit

I absolutely love my table top fire pit. Hoping to get another for Christmas and may be purchasing a couple to give as gifts.