Gel Fuel Refill – BABY FIRE PITS
Gel Fuel Refill
Gel Fuel Refill

Gel Fuel Refill

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TerraFlame Gel Fuel is odorless, smokeless, and nontoxic. Each fire pit includes one can of gel fuel, which lasts around 3 hours of continuous use. Refills are also available as a subscription package, which you can get here.

The gel fuel cans fit in both Baby & Micro fire pits, as both fuel compartments are the same size. 


We have upgraded our gel fuel to a new version that has a longer burn time, no label to remove, improved safety warnings, and makes it substantially easier to remove the fuel from the fire pits and replace it. In making this change, it is important to note that the gel fuel will be sitting a bit higher than in previous versions, sticking out a bit at the top instead of sitting flush in the container. It still looks beautiful while burning, and this change is well worth it (in our opinion) because it's so much easier to remove and replace the fuel container. The fuel size is the same diameter as previous gel fuel, so it will still fit in all of your fire pits if you have ordered in the past. The only difference, again, will be that the can is a little bit taller. We are still sending out our remaining Echo Valley gel fuel that is left, but most new customers can expect to receive our brand new TerraFlame gel fuel with your fire pit orders. We thank everyone for their understanding, and we hope that this improvement makes your s'mores or date night that much easier! :)

Customer Reviews

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Very pretty!

The baby fire pit is very pretty and couldn’t be easier to use. It looks great on my patio table.

Great balls of fire 🔥

The gel fuel burns for up to 3 hours. Love The baby fire pit👍👍👍

Great product

I had bought for my girlfriend for Christmas. Shes always upset we cant have campfires and what not because of the area we live in. She LOVES this product. Its beautifully made, and gorgeous when lit up. Highly recommend.