Don't miss out on marshmallow Season!

It's S'mores Night

Table Top
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Gel Fuel
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These tiny tabletop Fire Pits make a HUGE impression. Just the right size to give as a one-of-a-kind gift or to keep for your own S'mores Night!

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Check out these larger Propane, Wood Burning, and Gel Fuel Fire Pits
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Handmade and perfect reminder of a family trip to the Rocky Mountains, the beach, or Grandma's
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Stay home for

Family Night

FIY if you choose "The Kit" with any of our tabletop Fire Pits, they will come with everything you need for S'mores night this weekend--along with a few extra gifts!

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About Us

Kyle and Hayley Gowen, a husband-wife team from Colorado Springs, Colorado, began their business where most small businesses begin: in basements and garages.  A third generation metal-worker specializing in copper, Kyle created the concept and design of the Baby Fire Pits in the wake of COVID and the birth of their third child, nearly 5 years from the start of their original business.  In the past year this little product, created out of a genuine desire to bring people together, has made its way into thousands of homes across America.   It is our great hope that these tiny Fire Pits shine a bit of light and encouragement, drawing people near to enjoy the simplicity of the moment with friends and family.